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Shanxi Gold Rubber & Plastic Science and Technology New Material Co., Ltd. is a dynamic enterprise that was established in 2018. It specializes in producing a range of high-quality polymer polyethylene wax, FT wax, and other series of wax products. FT wax is one of their areas of expertise, and they offer the best quality of Fischer-Tropsch wax 105. Their KH Fischer-Tropsch waxes are claimed to be the hardest waxes in the world. The company's motto is to produce and distribute high-quality wax products to meet their clients’ needs.
Fischer Tropsch Wax 105 Supplier, FT Products Distribution - KH

The Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process has been in existence for almost a century. It is a highly specialized process for producing clean, high-quality hydrocarbons that can be used to produce fuels and chemicals. FT wax is a byproduct of this process, and it has become highly recognized for its unique properties. FT wax is a synthetic wax that has a unique molecular structure that makes it highly resistant to water, oils, and chemicals.

FT wax is used in various applications such as coatings, adhesives, plastics, printing, and candles. It's highly valued for its hardening and high melt properties, making it an excellent additive for many products. KH Fischer-Tropsch waxes are highly sought after because they offer an unparalleled quality of wax that's unmatched in the market. The company produces different variants of FT wax, depending on their clients' needs. These variants include:

1. Kh FT 105 Wax – This is the hardest type of FT wax offered by the company. It has a high melting point of between 107 - 110 °C, making it highly suitable for applications that require hardening.

2. Kh FT 105S Wax – This is a softer version of Kh FT 105 Wax, with a lower melting point of 104 - 107 °C. It's ideal for applications that require a softer wax.

3. Kh FT 105L Wax – This is a low melt version of Kh FT 105 Wax, with a melting point of between 102 - 105 °C. It's suitable for applications that require a lower melting point, such as candles.

The production process for KH Fischer-Tropsch waxes involves careful selection of raw materials to ensure the highest quality of wax. The company's state-of-the-art production facilities and excellent quality control measures mean that each batch of wax produced meets the required specifications. Additionally, the company places high emphasis on continuous innovation and improvement to ensure they remain competitive.

The company's commitment to quality has seen them become a preferred supplier of FT wax in various industries. Their clients include major players in the printing, packaging, and cosmetics industries. Shanxi Gold Rubber & Plastic Science and Technology New Material Co., Ltd. is committed to providing its clients with the best quality wax products that exceed their expectations.

In conclusion, Shanxi Gold Rubber & Plastic Science and Technology New Material Co., Ltd. is a top FT wax supplier, offering the best quality of Kh Fischer-Tropsch waxes in the world. Their commitment to quality, innovation and excellent customer service has seen them become a preferred supplier in various industries. The company's expertise in producing high-quality wax products is unparalleled in the market, making them a leading supplier of FT wax. Clients who are interested in KH Fischer-Tropsch waxes can contact the company through their website khonorwax.com, where they can learn more about the products and services offered by the company.